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HELLE und LEUM Tüfteltruhen

HELLE and LEUM discovery chests

The HELLE and LEUM discovery chests represent a mobile offer, with which scientific and technological enviromental education within pre- and elematery schools based on the context of "Lernwerkstatt"-work can be implemented. The didactic concept of the discovery chest is orientated on the "Lernwerkstatt"-concept of the Kinderforscherzentrum HELLEUM (Learning and Research Center for Children and Youth).

The chests encourage the explorative and research-based learning of children and are suitable for children within the age span of five to twelve.

Within the chests are topical choosed everyday objects, measuring instruments, models and tools, as well as didactic handouts for pedagogics.

Discovery chests were developed in the context of Education for sustainable development covering the following topics: „Wasser marsch!“ (Water), „Luft lüften-Wind bringt´s“ (Wind/ Air), „Boden schätzen“ (Ground), „Leise-Lauter-Lärm“ (Acoustics), „Forsches Viertel-Erkunde deine Umgebung!“ (Exploration of the enviroment) und „Rohstoffreise – Entdecke was in den Dingen steckt“ (Ressources).

The discovery chests make it possible for children to find their own as well as new approaches to scientific technological topics and encourage them to think about current enviromental issues and research independently on these phenomena. In particular the reference to everyday life is an important criterion for the conceptual orientation and the selection of the provided materials.

The chests are supposed to make it possible for pedagogics to create a learning enviroment without the need to put a lot of work in it and encourage the children, according to their own interests, prior experience, knownledge and motives,to explore and investigate phenomena alone or within a group.

By doing so they provide various offers for shaping inclusive educational process. At the same time the chests familiarise pedagogics with formats of the "Lernwerkstatt"-work.


Information about using a Tüfteltruhe

Wasser marsch!

Luft lüften-Wind bringt´s

Boden schätzen


Forsches Viertel-Erkunde deine Umgebung!

Rohstoffreise – Entdecke was in den Dingen steckt

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